It isn’t easy to admit that a drug problem is present, but once the problem has been identified, it still isn’t easy to attain recovery. Trying to go after sobriety and full recovery alone may be too difficult for an individual to accomplish.

Experts in the field of addiction studies have stated that going to a trustworthy addiction treatment center is the only way to finally get sober.

Benefits of Going to the Madison Institute Drug Rehab Facility for Help

We offer a number of key benefits at the Madison Institute Addiction Recovery Facility in Pleasanton, California. Most importantly, we put an emphasis on the individual and an individualized plan for recovery.

Transitioning into life at an addiction treatment center can be difficult, but knowing that you have therapists and counselors who are on your side as well as a strong community at your fingertips can make the transition much easier. With these benefits in your corner, establishing sobriety goes much smoother.

An Emphasis on Community and Honesty

In addition to focusing on the individual as opposed to the group, the Madison Institute also aims to cultivate a strong sense of closeness and community among clients. Individuals are encouraged to speak up in group therapy sessions and share their support and opinions with each other. We strive to cultivate an honest environment, and there’s nothing that clients should feel like they can’t say in therapy.

This social reinforcement helps tremendously with the recovery process, and many clients continue with aftercare support groups even when their program has come to an end.

As such, it’s important to note that aftercare planning is another benefit our Pleasanton addiction treatment center offers. We acknowledge that temptations won’t stop once clients leave our facilities, so it’s vital that we prepare each individual with coping mechanisms to deal with these cravings. Trigger situations can lead directly to relapses, and we will do our best to see that this doesn’t happen.

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The Process of Care at the Madison Institute in Pleasanton, California

In order to return clients to normal function before therapy begins, our process of care always starts with the drug detoxification process. Our drug detox clinic cultivates a warm and comfortable environment for clients and their families. Withdrawal symptoms that can occur during detox are often troubling to clients, but thanks to supervised detox care, our clients can rest assured that they’ll be dealing with the symptoms in as safe an environment as possible.

Once drug detox has taken place, the real work begins. This means counseling sessions in both groups and on an individual level. During one of the first individual meetings, clients will go through a mental health screening. This process helps our professionals look for larger mental health issues that may have accompanied addiction problems in clients. When the client is struggling with a co-occurring mental health disorder, we utilize dual diagnosis mental health treatment to give those clients the best possible chance at recovery.

Dual diagnosis does not apply to all clients, but it's something important to take into consideration as clients enter our addiction treatment facility. Not all drug rehab centers offer this diagnosis process.

Start an Addiction Recovery Program at the Madison Institute Today

If you are ready to being a treatment program at the Madison Institute Addiction Recovery Center in Pleasanton, California, we would love to welcome you into one of our programs.

Developing a sense of self and a stronger defense against the temptations of drugs and alcohol is difficult. At our facilities, we can guide you on a path to sobriety and teach you coping tools that will prevent relapses in the future.

To get in touch with us and learn about your addiction recovery options, call the Madison Institute substance abuse treatment facility today.