About Us

M adison Institute follows an established and strictly arranged addiction recovery program that is implemented with the comprehensive and personal needs of each client and their unique situation. First, before anything else, you must admit to yourself and your family that you have a problem you cannot control or get rid of yourself. Once you are liberated from the weight of your addiction, you will be able to work on the long-term goal of retaining indefinite sobriety.

After realizing you can’t overcome your addiction and that it isn’t your fault, you will undergo a strictly supervised detoxification. To ensure you get off on the right foot, you will be monitored to ensure your body rids itself of the toxins keeping you physically dependent while doing so in the safest and most comfortable environment possible. Once you have fully detoxed, you will be able to move onto the long-term portion of the program.

We are here for you

Whatever you need to overcome your addiction and remain sober will be provided so you can stay sober indefinitely. Madison Institute provides whatever methods you need to do so. We offer individual therapy as stated above, group therapy to allow you to open up and exchange valuable insight and advice, and aftercare services to ensure that you have the resources and guidance when you leave one of our drug rehab centers.

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