The Importance of Receiving Supervised Detox Care at a Rehab Center in Provo, Utah

The abuse of drugs is one of the largest health concerns in the United States. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that drug abuse costs Americans over $600 billion a year. These costs are estimated by looking at not only health care costs, but also the loss of work, productivity and resulting crime.

Due to the growing concern of drug use, addiction recovery centers are in high demand. This includes drug rehab centers that feature supervised detox programs. Below is some more information about the Madison Institute, our substance abuse treatment facility in Provo, Utah.

The Purpose of Supervised Alcohol and Drug Detox

The purpose of visiting a drug abuse treatment facility in Provo, Utah, is to safely and comfortably stop taking addictive substances. The key emphasis is on the word safely. When you quit taking alcohol or drugs without the guidance of a professional, you're left with severe withdrawal symptoms.

The type of withdrawal symptoms that you experience depends greatly on the addictive substance that you are taking, as well as how long you have been taking it. Seeking the help of an addiction recovery facility is the safest way to deal with these symptoms and avoid relapse.

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There's More to an Addiction Treatment Facility Than Meets the Eye

While you may think of an addiction treatment center as nothing more than a place to detox, these facilities have more going on than meets the eye. They aren't just offering you a safe place to detox. They provide support to ensure that relapse is unlikely. They put your safety and care above all else. This helps eliminate one of the major fears that people have during detox, which is that it will be painful.

Our addiction treatment center also knows the importance of offering dual diagnosis mental health treatment. If you’re struggling with a co-occurring disorder alongside your addiction, it can be especially difficult to overcome your substance abuse problem. Fortunately, dual diagnosis mental health treatment allows for the treatment of both your addiction and the co-occurring disorder, offering you the best chance of recovery.

Detox and Beyond

At the Madison Institute in Provo, Utah, we help you with more than just detox. When it comes to fighting addiction, detoxing is only the first step. At the Madison Institute, we know this, which is why we offer other programs that help battle addiction. Our Provo addiction recovery facility also offers various types of therapy, including family, group, and individual therapy sessions.

The goal of therapy is to get you to open up about your disorder. The first step to recovery is, and always has been, admitting that you have a problem. It's often hard for people to admit this to themselves. Group therapy can help because it gets people to see that they aren't alone in their addiction. Individual therapy helps you unearth the root cause of your addiction. Family therapy is important because it helps you see that your addiction affects not only you but also your whole family. This types of therapy helps others in your family understand what you're going through as well.

Don't Fight Drug Addiction Alone

At the Madison Institute, we believe that everyone has the power to beat addiction. However, this isn't something that you should try to do alone. Our drug rehab facility in Provo, Utah, offers a safe and convenient way to begin the road to recovery.

Contact us today for more information about the Madison Institute and our addiction recovery program in Provo, Utah. Don’t struggle with addiction for another minute: contact one of our addiction specialists today.