What is Addiction Detox?

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December 11, 2019

What is Addiction Detox?

addiction detox

What is Addiction Detox?

Addiction detox is a process of treatment and rehabilitation to get rid of an addict’s cravings for drugs or alcohol. It can be as simple as visiting a doctor’s office for a blood test and being scheduled for a formal assessment. Or it may take more than that. A person can be given detox programs in a hotel or in a drug rehab.

If a person has done drug rehab on their own in the past and is waiting for the results of the assessment or the drug rehab to tell them whether or not they need a second referral, then they may be able to start a second detox program while they wait for the test results. This makes it possible for the addict to get their drug rehab work done while under the care of a counselor or doctor.

Substance abuse centers or drug rehabs, especially those that offer chemical dependency treatment, can’t take full responsibility for the addict, or the addict’s situation. The counselor or doctor would be the authority, they would be the person to seek the consent of a family member to approve the addict’s withdrawal and drug detox. The person seeking the treatment or seeking detox would do so with the intent of following a program for an individual’s health and mental well-being.

If a person is still not ready to go to a drug rehab or is not yet ready to be drug free, then they can still go to a drug rehab in their home. This may work as a way to begin an orderly withdrawal. A friend or family member would drive the addict home, so the person is not under the weight of too much withdrawal. If the addict is very stable and sober, the detox process will work on a gradual basis.

If an addict’s needs and desires for drugs are what prompted them to enter drug rehab, the next step would be to get in touch with a physician. A doctor may give the patient the prescription for a drug rehab program that they can go through. The person will need to pass a series of assessments, and have an assessment from a drug rehab counselor and doctor.

These detox programs may be structured and delivered in the form of detox centers. These are generally found in one’s home, as this gives them much more privacy and also more control over their diet and lifestyle.

The process of substance abuse and addiction is a complicated one. When an addict seeks the addiction detox treatment, they are confronted with the health risks and health complications that their addiction can bring to their life.

The medical detox program involves sending the addict to a medical doctor, often a pulmonologist, who will administer the drug rehab’s program. The drug rehab and the addiction detox treatment can also be performed at the same time. This means that the person undergoing the treatment can continue to make their own food, drink and go about their life as normal.

Before going through the drug detox process, the person may be given the choice of switching or quitting using drugs. If the person does decide to stop, then they should make the choice to take the first dose of the drug rehab program. The addict may be offered the choice of going through the detox process with a drug rehab counselor or a licensed professional in this field. The main goal of the drug rehab counselor is to help the person to kick the habit, and get the body and mind to start functioning with a drug-free lifestyle.

Addiction is a serious illness and affects nearly everyone who has been harmed by it. Anyone who has had a drug or alcohol addiction in the past, knows how difficult and daunting a recovery process it can be.

A drug rehab is a service that can help an addict to get the help they need. They have been trained to provide an addict with the tools and resources they need to achieve sobriety and are ready to attend detox programs. It can be a very helpful, and successful process.

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